LACTLD Technical Workshop 2018


Technical Workshop 2018The LACTLD Technical Workshop was held on September 25th and 26th in the city of Rosario, Argentina, within the framework of the LACNIC 30 - LACNOG 2018 meetings. The members of our community offered and participated in different sessions together with representatives from organizations such as LACNIC, ICANN, InternetNZ and Diamond Key Security. The Workshop agenda was developed collaboratively and covered a broad spectrum of topics and projects of interest to the Technical Working Group.

The first day of the Workshop began with NIC Argentina presentations on different topics and projects with great impact for ccTLDs: iterative DNS resolver, depletion of critical resources, DNS service as an added value from the ccTLD to registrants, and blockchain. Subsequently, a panel moderated by Gonzalo Romero (.CO Internet) addressed the ccTLD emergency and disaster preparedness. Julio Cossio (NIC México), Oscar Moreno (PR Top Level Domain) and Luciano Minuchin (ABUSIX) presented their research, conclusions and experiences on this subject to the attendees. The relevance of emergency and disaster preparedness for the ccTLDs technical areas as well as for the policy and business planning areas was highlighted.

The Workshop continued with a session on the ICANN DAAR Platform provided by Carlos Álvarez (ICANN). In the afternoon, the Technical Working Group coordinators, José Urzúa (NIC Chile) and Gonzalo Romero (.CO Internet), presented different tech measures for the protection and processing of personal data within ccTLDs. Following, Hugo Salgado (NIC Chile) reviewed the latest IETF news and gave a presentation on the DNS Flag Day. The first day of the Workshop concluded with an update session on the different experiences, activities and projects conducted by the LACTLD members.

Different guest speakers participated and exhibited their projects during the second day of the Technical Workshop. Firstly, Eduardo Álvarez (ICANN) gave a presentation about TLD best practices. Later, Sebastián Castro (InternetNZ) spoke about two projects developed by .NZ: DNS health using dnscheck & zonemaster; and evaluation of DNS providers using RIPE Atlas. Following, Carlos Martínez (LACNIC) addressed the KSK rollover at the root of the DNS, and he also presented on DNSSEC in LACNIC reverse zones. Lastly, Felipe Agnelli ( offered a final presentation on DNS performance in

At the end of the Workshop, Gonzalo Romero (.CO Internet) and José Urzúa (NIC Chile), coordinators of the Technical Working Group, acknowledged the work done by of all the members and guest speakers who participated in the event. The learning opportunity, the exchange of experiences and the collaboration among the attendees were highlighted during both days.

LACTLD thanks all the guest speakers and the members of our Technical Working Group for their work and participation. We also want to express our gratitude and acknowledgement to LACNIC and NIC Argentina for their collaboration in the organization of the event.